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    We are Fin Tech Staffing.
    Specialized Software Engineers (Java)!

Fin Tech Staffing is supplier of high-end developers for the Fin Tech sector. Figh Tech Staffing stands for flexible staffing solutions. We are specialized in excellent software engineers. Our way of working is fresh and new; we have our own known candidates to fill your staffing needs. Our large (inter)national recruiting operation - with over 7 million active CV's and 700 recruiters - enables us furthermore to search, find and staff the most exclusive engineers and designers upon your specific wishes and needs.

As an employer of specialists we believe in offering our people great working conditions and career opportunities. Our base is fair international collaboration for all parties involved. Also, Fin Tech Staffing makes sure that your chain liability is covered. We are a Dutch company working in accordance with all Dutch (labour) law and regulations.

Our way of working is also a proven concept in London, New York and throughout India.

Just give us a call or send us an e-mail with your requirements. Happy to help! 


With 700 recruiters worldwide and a database with over 7 million up to date candidates, we build our team of specialists who are (temporarily) available for your organization here in The Netherlands. Or we can provide you with every thinkable specialist you are looking for, to become a permanent part of your team. We can include your organization in this network, today!


We believe that free flow of work and people over the planet will benefit everyone. No form of stimulating progress, in for example dispersed countries like India, internationally honored for it's high quality knowledge and top class professionals, is as beneficial as sustainable business. Working globally together helps making the world a better place.


With our Dutch and international staff we connect with innovative companies in the Netherlands. We are service oriented and eager to always prove our outstanding matching capabilities!